Corporate Management Software

A unique combination of purpose designed modules provides industry specific residential building business requirements and control.
This process incorporates all stages of the Building Cycle, from Pre Sales Quotations through to Maintenance and everything in between, including:
  • Job Tracking and Scheduling
  • Sales and Production Estimating
  • Order Production
  • Margin Management and Order Variance Control
  • Full integration to an extensive combination of financial modules
Allows a range of job types such as "do and charge", "quoted" and "contract" to be established
Supported by a full quotation, estimation and budget control system.
A collection of real-time job costs flow from an integrated range of modules including purchases, inventories and payroll.
Apply the financial modules to result in a totally flexible and efficient job costing and accounting system.
As well providing all of the features available for the Engineering and Manufacturing industries, BusinessCraft also provides specialist modules for the service industry and companies requiring a system to track plant maintenance.
Whether you just require a service docket tracking system, or you require the flexibility needed for wet or dry hiring of plant or machinery, BusinessCraft can provide you with the total corporate management solution to streamline your success.